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About Me

Hey there! Thank you for stopping by. I’m glad to see that you are interested in learning more about me, Sakina O’Uhuru and my practice Gentle Spirit  Birth Midwifery Services.

I have been providing maternal/child health care services since 1984. I have diverse clinical experience in pediatrics, OB/GYN, Family Planning and primary care. Up until 1996, I practiced as a Certified Physician Assistant providing care to women and children throughout community hospitals and health centers within the New York metropolitan area.

As your midwife, I am committed to providing comprehensive care that is safe and sensitive to your individual needs.In 1997, I earned an M.S. from the SUNY Downstate Midwifery Program. (Board Certified in 1998.) For five years, I served as the Director of the Midwifery Service at Morris Heights Women’s Health & Birthing Pavilion (formerly known as the Childbearing Center.) I am the proud mother of a 25 year old son who was birthed by Midwives at what was then the Maternity Center of New York in 1986, and now, as a proud grandmother, who guided the births of both my youngest grandson and granddaughter.

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  • I focus on providing care that is both wholesome and gratifying for every Gentle Spirit Midwifery client.

  • As your Midwife I honor the sacredness of this journey by allowing the natural process to unfold while providing one-on-one support and continuous care throughout the pregnancy labor and birth.

  • I embrace this journey openly and lovingly as a voice and advocate supporting women who exercise their right to alternative birth & health care options.




BOOK: Journey to Birth

This book is about my life journey as a home-birth midwife. It includes the many home births I attended during my sixteen years as a practitioner, with particular attention to the last ten years. During this journey, I have learned a myriad of life lessons. Most of them strengthened me and my ability to continue on this path. There were incredible challenges, both joyful and painful. The most challenging lessons happened to be the most life-changing and transformative. Those lessons impacted my life tremendously, first as a woman, second as a mother and grandmother, and most assertively as a basic human being.

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