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Professional Services

Gentle Spirit Home Birth Midwifery Services Basic Concierge Package 

Includes but is not limited to the list below:

Includes Prenatal care, labor, birth, newborn exam and (2) Postpartum visits.

Approximately 10 or more at home prenatal visits Dependent on date of entrance into care

At Home Prenatal visits (each session 1-1.5 hour visits)

Commuting/Travel fees

Nutrition Counseling

Mental/emotional check-ins

Ultrasound referrals & evaluation

In-house Lab draws & lab result evaluation

Physical exam & assessment/diagnosis

Maternal Blood pressure & Fetal vital sign monitoring Height/Weight/BMI evaluations

Fetal heart assessment

Apgar evaluation

Postpartum care

Gestational growth assessment measurement

Vaginal Cervical exams & assessments

Uterine growth measurement/assessment

Fetal lie assessment/fetal lie drawing

Rebozo and optimal fetal positioning Miles Circuit/Spinning babies position instruction

Intrapartum/Postpartum abdominal wraps

Delayed cord clamping/Lotus birth options

Newborn exam

Newborn metabolic screen

O2 Saturation assessment/evaluation

Newborn cord blood draw assessment evaluation

Herbal, homeopathic and acupressure needs assessment/evaluation/referral

Our services does not cover

Doula Services &/or Lactation Consultant

Birth certificate fee

Hearing screen

Circumcisionee fee

Laboratory fees (charged to your insurance/or self pay)

Ultrasound fees (charged to your insurance)(self pay $100-200 in total)

Home Birth Supplies (nominal fees most supplies already exist within your home)

Pediatric visit fee

Birthkit (approximately $40)

Water Birth Supplies ($100-200) optional water birth not required

**HomeBirth Prep courses** &/or Childbirth education or Hypnobirthing courses

(Belly casting, placental encapsulation) Not required done upon request

(***HomeBirth***Prep course by Karma Cloud may be included in Concierge fee but must be approved)

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