Birth Testimonials

Below are testimonials describing the comforting experiences women and couples have encountered from Gentle Spirit Birth Service.

“Sakina respected and supported our beliefs and decisions while educating us along the way. She lovingly and patiently guided us through labor, making me feel safe and free to experience birthing my baby the way I had hoped. Sakina is a blessing!”

– Astrid Gilpin & Marlon Holmes

“I was very lucky to find Sakina. Sakina took care of me and my daughter, Rada. During my pregnancy, I enjoyed very personal one on one care with her. The few tests that I wanted to run on my baby were done by Sakina in the privacy of my own home (which is also where most of our appointments took place and the birth of my daughter).


I strongly believe that pregnancy is a very private time, very beautiful and very special. I did not want to spend any of it waiting in long lines “assembly line style” in an institution. It was very important for me to know that I would have someone I knew well with me during the birth of my child. I needed someone who I trusted and understood my wishes, expectations and respected them at an extremely vulnerable time. I am very happy to say that my hopes were met.

I had my beautiful daughter born at home (through water birth at Sakina’s suggestion). At birthing time, my husband set the pool and lit a few candles (I don’t like bright lights.) We watched a movie, I was able to move around and I spent a lot of time in the shower. I felt liberated when I was able to choose my own positions and places where I wanted to be at any given moment. This may sound like common sense, but it was very important me that I has this freedom.

My daughters birth was a remarkable experience. She was born at 10 lbs, 0 ounces into Sakina’s hands on the 27th of January at 6:50AM. I didn’t even have a scar!

Another thing that makes birth a great experience is the time right after giving birth. It is so wonderful to have the freedom to walk around, drink, eat, bathe and bond with the baby. My husband had a very special time with the little one. We didn’t have strangers around us, nor were we subjected to any bureaucratic procedures.

Another great part of the birth experience is that we were able to sleep in our own bed! As Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz: “Theres no other place like home!”

I must also mention Sakina’s vast knowledge of herbal and homeopathic remedies. She gave me very good advice and her remedies were incredibly effective.

So that’s my experience. I would definitely recommend Sakina and Gentle Spirit  Midwifery Service (and I do!) to every expectant mother.”

– Angelika Zamfirescu