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Gentle Spirit

Home Birth Midwifery Services

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About Us

Gentle Spirit Midwifery Service is committed to offering comprehensive quality-driven, family centered prenatal, labor, birth, and postpartum health care services. Our services are tailored to each women’s / person's needs.  We offer services within safe spaces free of bias, trauma and microaggression.

We provide adequate prenatal appointment sessions within our office space and within the privacy of your home,

Gentle Spirit offers women and their families culturally competent health care in a respectful manner, that helps women/families  experience a satisfying labor & birth experience; Ultimately, helping families gain a greater sense of self awareness & empowerment.

Gentle Spirit Home Birth Midwifery Services 

Now currently Serving Clients located 

within Raleigh, Durham Triangle , & the Fayetteville & surrounding Area.

For a Free consultation, contact us @ 704-420-0424.

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Pregnancy Labor & birth are sacred life processes. They are Commemorative life events to be cherished & honored.

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